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  • Do I have to join to buy NASTY products?
Not necessarily but you should. You can make one-time purchases but if you really want to enjoy and save big, then subscribe to receive our products in bulk on a scheduled basis. We’re in this for the long haul and want to build a team in order to serve you better. We want to hear from you – what’s working, what’s not, how can we improve, what products you want to see next – anything and everything.

Additionally, as a team member, you’ll soon be eligible to receive free products and purchase exclusive gear.

  • When can I expect to receive my Kit?
Your first Kit will arrive 3-5 business days after placing your order. You’ll receive your next Kit 2-months later, the week of your initial order.

  • What if I want to cancel my account?
It's a free country, cancel or quit anytime you want. No commitment, no hassle. Log into your account and click 'Edit' to change the status and cancel the subscription. You also have the option to skip a shipment by choosing "Skip Next Renewal."

  • What if I don’t want a kit every 2-months?
Feel free to delay your Kit shipments any time you want. Log into your account and edit your subscription - you'll see an option at the top called "Skip Next Renewal."

  • What if I want only want one NASTY Body X Face Wash or Power Towel?
Then only order one! We just went live with single product purchasing and are now also offering free Post-Workout Wipe (aka NASTY Recover Power Towels) samples. 

  • Where do you ship?

We currently ship in the United States only. Please let us know where outside the US you’re interested in receiving NASTY and we’ll work on getting NASTY products to you as soon as possible.